The latest hardware from $4.68 per month

Dedicated high-performance hardware in the eco-friendly datacenter with second-generation Intel® Xeon® Gold processors, Tesla and RTX graphics accelerators, Intel® and Samsung® Enterprise SSDs.

No waiting

CPU and GPU virtual servers requested in cloud panel are ready in a few minutes. Sign up takes only 2 minutes. No waiting for server availability, setup fees or price requests.

Cheapest rates

100% CPU time, no overselling. Find cheaper — get a discount!

Native OpenStack Xena

For developers and system administrators, we provide a public API for the new release of OpenStack Xena.

  • Networks

    Public networks with speeds up to 2 Gb/s and private networks with speeds up to 20 Gb/s.
  • Volumes

    Unlimited Volumes size. Enterprise-grade network storage with 20 Gb/s access to storage servers.
  • Performance

    Second-generation Intel® Xeon® Gold processors, Tesla and RTS graphics accelerators, Intel® enterprise SSD.
  • GPU

    Pre-configured images for training neural networks and working with the blockchain. CUDA, and CUDNN drivers are already installed in the images.
  • Pre-installed images

    More than 100 Linux and Windows images of your choice, caching images on SSD. You can upload your own images.
  • Snapshots

    Reserve snapshots of all VMs in a few minutes. The price is only $0.022 per GB/month.
  • Traffic

    Unlimited Internet traffic.
  • Local

    Local NVMe storage with up to 8000 MB/s and 1 500 000 IOPS
  • Location

    Location in Moscow. Good choice for media studios and developers – big data anywhere in the world at high speed is not a problem!