Virtual infrastructure VDI

Organize effective remote work of employees in a virtual office in a few minutes

VDI based on Microsoft Windows Server

The VDI platform allows you to centrally manage all virtual workplaces, and new employees can get started in few minutes. We offer our clients the minimum time and financial costs for the organization remote workplaces.

The infrastructure is built on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system, where you can deploy all the necessary services and applications. Users connect using the standard Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Each employee has their own account and an isolated workspace.

You don't have to worry. Your data is securely protected with the option of automatic daily, weekly or monthly backups.

Remote workplace

This is exactly the same computer as in your office, only virtual. Additional workplaces are created in a few minutes and you no longer need to wait for new equipment to be delivered to the office.

Work with the usual software for Windows: office applications, CRM systems, accounting programs.

Ready-made workplaces

  • Microsoft Windows Server,
  • Microsoft Office,
  • RDP connection.

Having official status of a Microsoft Service Provider, we are happy to offer our customers software available under SPLA program.

Available configurations

Name vCPU RAM, MB Disk, GB Price, hour Price, month
nvme.2.4.80 2 4096 80 Launch
cpu.2.4.80 2 4096 80 Launch
cpu.2.8.80 2 8192 80 Launch
cpu.4.4.80 4 4096 80 Launch
cpu.4.8.60 4 8192 60 Launch
nvme.4.8.80 4 8192 80 Launch
cpu.4.8.80 4 8192 80 Launch
cpu.4.8.120 4 8192 120 Launch
cpu.4.16.60 4 16384 60 Launch
nvme.4.16.80 4 16384 80 Launch
cpu.4.16.80 4 16384 80 Launch
cpu.4.16.120 4 16384 120 Launch
nvme.4.16.120 4 16384 120 Launch
cpu.8.16.80 8 16384 80 Launch
cpu.8.16.120 8 16384 120 Launch
nvme.8.16.120 8 16384 120 Launch


For high performance, all configurations are equipped with high-speed Intel® solid-state drives designed specifically for data centers. For user data, we recommend connecting a virtual network volume of the required size.


  • Performance

    Use of actual equipment on affordable terms.
  • Mobility

    Work from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access.

  • Safety

    The hardware is located in a TIER III data center in Moscow.
  • Reliability

    Technical support is available 7 days a week.

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Any questions?

Write to us via live chat, email, or call by phone:
+7 499 110-44-94

Any questions?

Write to us via live chat, email, or call by phone:
@immerscloudsupport +7 499 110-44-94
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